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Friday, February 01, 2008

(Quilting) Life Goes On...

After a couple of weeks of trauma, I hope to get back to writing about some of the nicer things that happened over the month of January... and what's up for February... Thanks to those you who send condolences over out loss of our old kitty friend. One of these days soon, I'm sure we'll have room again for another...

Before all the grimness of the end of the month, I actually had some pleasant quilting experiences that I feel I need to share. As a Christmas gift to myself, I signed up for two quilting workshops last fall, they happened early in the month, unfortunately, with all the other goings on, I didn't really get a chance to report.
The first was a two day workshop with that "Dear Jane" lady, Brenda Papadakis, who incidentally, has recently moved to Texas - we told her it was OK that she got here as soon as she could! The workshop was courtesy of the Chisholm Trial Guild, with a membership in the areas of Georgetown and Round Rock - just north of Austin. With an invitation to Austin guild members to attend the workshops, how could I forgo such a wonderful opportunity.
If you aren't familiar with Brenda or the Dear Jane phenomenon, its all about a fabulous sampler quilt, made up of 4-1/2 inch blocks, by a lady named Jane Stickle, "in war time 1863". While we don't know a lot about the quilter, her work is incredible, with over 250 small blocks, each almost an entirely unique design... Brenda published a book on the quilt, and it has garnished a following of quilters around the world, who make quilts as copies, or in honor of this quilt. The quilts made in the spirit of this quilt are often referred to as "Baby Janes". The quilt, all hand made of course, includes pieced and appliqued work, and every block presents a different challenge to the quilter.

Many of the attendees were "followers" and brought their existing works in progress and finished. Just looking at those was a great experience and very inspiring.

We spent one day doing hand work, and the second working by machine. I decided, in the spirit of Jane to modify the 5-star block known as "Papa's Star" into the form of a "Texas Star", in honor of Brenda. The workshop was great fun, and very informative, though Brenda expressed a great deal of weariness at all the moving mess. expressing that her sewing room was still mostly packed! I hope Brenda get's settled in, and is able to unpack her sewing room and enjoy living in the Great State, an I hope we see her in the Austin area again soon.
Above is my work from the class...THREE blocks!

And, I also was able to attend the Austin Guild workshop with Denise Lipscomb... I think I mentioned this earlier. I've finished 3 rows towards this quilt - which will need 12... not sure yet who will end up with this one... perhaps another neice?! The braid is very simple to do... but doesn't it look complex? It's so simple, that it gets a bit too repetitive. It's going to be a project that I can pull out anytime I just want to sew, without complications! Denise was a very easy-going teacher, no stress, just simple easy instructions, very helpful.
And finally....

SHHHH! Don't tell mom - but the 50th Anniversary Quilt is getting a Binding. Fairy Frost Gold in the thinnest of bindings - 1/4". Those scallops are a bear... but one side is finished!

ALMOST there!


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