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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Alas, the last of the family pets from the childhood home has passed on. I hope there are plenty of nice fat meecsies wherever he may be.

Meesies What I Love to Eat,

Meesies Fat and Oh, So, Sweet

Bite they little heads off,

Eat they little feet

Meeses, (little!) meesies - What I Love to Eat....

Thank you Olok!


Webigail said...

Awww - this just made me weep :(

We made the tough choice of putting my American Bulldog down last summer. He was the only pet left from my pre-marriage, pre-child days.

I'm sure OLOK is catching his meesies over the rainbow bridge.

grace said...

I'm sorry to hear about OLOK. I know how hard it is to lose a furbaby family member.

Prayers and thoughts to you all


Anonymous said...

Rest in peace, OLOK.