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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Quilter's Work is Never Done....

Way past time to post my Charity Quilt turned in at the February guild meeting. With all the mess going on last month, I made it the easy way, with one of the little "kits" our guild "Baby Bundle" committee make available. The kits are made using Anita Grossman Solomon's fabulously simple "Super-Sized Nine Patch" pattern. yep, 9 pieces, easily cut from strips across the width of a yard of fabric, or from fat quarters... sooooo easy. A great way to put together a quilt in an afternoon. If you do a "pillow turn" rather than a binding, and tie rather than machine quilt it's even easier. Though I feel like I can free motion something like this as fast as my fumble fingers can tie it!

These little quilts, under 42" square, are a great way to practice your free motion quilting too!

I decided to quilt some "cloud-like" puffs... and a few balloons in the corners to go along with the pattern in the fabric.
This simple pattern can be found for download online in the free patterns at the Quiltmaker magazine site:
By the way, this site has a fabulous collection of various simple patterns for charity quilts - all easily downloadable. Many are soooo simple! You have no excuses not to make that pattern for your guild's charity effort this month!

Thanks to Anita for sharing this pattern with the guild!

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