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Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Beautiful Day for Poetry and Sewing!

I hope all of you had the opportunity to hear the Inaugural Poem offered by Elizabeth Alexander (no relation that I am aware - unfortunately!).

Here's a link to a transcript at the NYTimes:

The lovely reference to sewing, as a means of renewal, and repair:

"Someone is stitching up a hem,
darninga hole in a uniform, patching a tire,
repairing the things in need of repair."

These words brought the great significance of the day to heart for me, with sewing and quilting taking such a big role in my life these days.

Since I began working full time for Husqvarna Viking, running their little shop here, I've had a wonderful time meeting so many people, making new friends, and yes, helping with a lot of "renewal and repair". It's great to see so many people turning to sewing (or turning back to it after many years) - not just for liesure or retirement activitiy, but to be a bit more frugal - looking at making things last, or even making things rather than buying them! Many more young women are buying machines, inspired a bit by the creative, DIY type shows on fashion, but also by the idea that they can indulge their creative interests by making something they can actually wear or use daily....

I have kept to my quilting (somewhat) making my monthly charity baby quilt, and actually put the big project up at the Fall Quilt Show (I promise to write that up eventually). However, my time left for posting, internet communication, and other more pedestrian pursuits has slowed a good bit. One of my New Years resolutions has been to get back to my boards and blog... thus this post!

I also though you might enjoy this post on Garrison Kiellor's Daily Writer's Almanac the day of the Inauguation... another poem by Elizabeth Alexander. I am soo happy to share at least her surname!
Here's a link:

This is one of my favorite internet newsletters. Most NPR stations broadcast Garrison reading the Almanac daily... this is an important daily routine for me. If I can't hear it on the radio, I always check my email to catch it... Can't recommend it enough - a great way to keep learning a bit about the language, and get some poetry into you day, every day!

See you at the sewing machine!
- Karen