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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Blue and Grey

What have I gotten myself into?

Dear Husband has been working at a local private school for several months, and recently commented that the school's big fund raising event is coming up in April. He slyly mentioned that there would be a silent auction, and, that it would be awfully nice if he had something to donate for the auction.


Of course, he could donate one of his hand made knives, but a quilt done in school colors might go over better right?

More Silence.

I finally have to reply - you know I'm trying to finish up mom's big quilt - right? And I've volunteered to take on the publicity for the guild's quilt show (an unbelievably large task)... right?

Even More Silence.

But how can I refuse... of course I'll just whip something together. So inspired by this month's guild speaker, Sally Schneider, I decide to use the pattern that I bought at the meeting to make a fast, quilt.

The event's theme is "A Night to Shine" so, stars it is. And I'm using a pattern that includes a pieced border... that is incorporated into the block piecing. When finished, it will look incredibly complex, when in fact, it is just diagonally set blocks, with a build in border...

Here's a picture of the work in progress:
Two strips are done, and are being pinned together for sewing...

It did go together fairly quickly - probably have about 12 hours total into it... I'll give you an update next week... due date: April 1!


Edward Ott said...

that is phenomanal looking.

Beth said...

Looks really good!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure John's almost-masochistic work ethic comes from you!