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Friday, March 28, 2008

Shameless Commerce & Camera Breakdown!

More about the Shameless Commerce at the end of my post today.

I was amazed to see how long it's been since I've posted. A lot going on at the old house. I just got back from two weeks in Cleveland... at a Manager Training Program for Husqvarna Viking (the sewing machines, not the Chainsaws!).

No, I'm not abandoning my affinity for all sewing things vintage.... I'm just falling in love with some new machines. I'm going to be managing a new H-V Gallery Store in the N. Austin Joann!
Yep... shiny, new plastic wonders - some computerized - that will do almost everything except heat you coffee. I have to admit that after spending 10 days playing around with them that I was getting awfully used to the ability to do need up and down, and did not miss the lifter at all! They really do sew by themselves.

I wish I'd taking the camera - though actually, IT's not broken down, but my floppy drive took a dump, and I'll have to go to the "old computer stuff" store to get a "new-old" replacement. My Sony Mavica, once the premier (and first) digital camera still works wonderfully, but I do go through floppy drives - as the camera puts it's pictures to floppy disk - yes, those little 3.5" plastic guys! Amazing isn't it. How the floppy drive in the camera has lasted through (conservativly) 25-30,000 pictures for my eBay biz over 7 or 8 years, while a floppy drive unit for a computer is lucky to last a year or so...? So, I KNOW they CAN be made to last, they just aren't! I wonder how many things we buy today are made to fall apart or stop working on a schedule... what a waste of resources eh?

Yes, it IS my Shameless Commerce Division! And it's spring sweep time, so I must point out that EVERYTHING in my Ebay store is 30% OFF through SUnday, April 27th... so click on the link to the left, and PLEASE take some of this fabric off my hands!!

Pictures of the Star Quilt next week, final quilting is underway this weekend!