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Monday, June 11, 2007

Whoa... Long Time No Post! Today a Quick Tip!

OK... what the heck was I thinking? I started this blog, and seem to have been relegating it to the bottom of the priority list (of coursed, like all women's lists, it is impossibly long!). Time to remedy and get caught up...

But, I HAVE been doing a lot of work lately. Quite a few quilt tops have flown off the sewing machine for the guilds up coming August Baby Bundle charity quilting date. Quilts and tops are due in July, with a date set at a local quilt shop to layer quilts, then a quilting and tying will be held en masse at the guild hall in August - ready for September give aways!

I also attended some great classes recently, and will do another post on a great, easy split nine-patch pattern I learned this past weekend.

And some sewing machines are coming out of their "spa" treatment (several pretty Hand Cranks) and going at auction at the store - see the link to the "Shameless Commerce Division" at left

Ever pull a skinny bolt of fabric off the shelf at the quilt shop and wonder just how much fabric is left on the bolt? You can figure a very close approximate amount like this:

Look at the bolt end with the FOLDED fabric (not the selvage) edge showing.
Count every TWO winds of fabric - that will equal about a yard!
How so? The bolt is 7 inches wide, add a couple of inches for the wrap around each side, and you have 9 inches - or 1/4 yard on a side. So, two folds, or two complete wraps (both sides) around the bolt equals a full yard!
You'll be amazed next time you figure the yardage remaining on the end of a bolt, and have it measured... you'll be accurate within an inch or two. I'm always amazed at how many folks working at shops have never learned this old five and dime store trick!

I fold my fabric that I buy in yardage (mainly for backs - but occasionally just because I love a particular design or find a good buy) in 9" widths or flat folds so I can quickly eyeball the yardage in my stash too.

OK... I feel a bit better catching up with my blog... this week I'll try to update with a picture of my stash, and that split nine-patch pattern...

- Karen