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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Quilting with the Vintage Singer 15-91

I was sooo happy to get my "call" this morning first thing.
Thought I sure do miss my "little one"...

Someone was asking about the Singer 15-90 on one of the quilting boards I frequent, so I said I'd post my favorite 15-91... The 15-91 has the geared motor - sometimes called a "pot" motor as it sits in a little "pot" stuck on the back of the machine head. The 15-90 is the exact same machine, but is belt driven with a bolted on motor...

Here she is working on a Quilt of Valor this past month for our guild:

And here she it again in her swell No. 42 "Deco" Singer Cabinet!

And a close up... this is one of my best restoration jobs - but she was also really "minty" to start with! - NOT FOR SALE!! But you can come over and play with her anytime!
I do have a centennial model for sale at "the shop"...(the Shameless Commerce link to the left) and have several more in for "SPA" treatment that will be out and looking for new homes in the next week or so. So visit there and see if you'll find something you might like!



Patti said...

What a pretty machine! You know, you should really give her a name.


I've not named my featherweight either . . . but I did name the longarm.

staci said...

I just inherited one of these in the same cabinet. Can't wait to see what it can do. I must wait for the children to go to bed!! Yours looks great!!!