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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Starting Anew - Celtic Sostice, Bonnie Hunter, and Linda Franz: InkLINGO!

OK... it's time to start something anew... I've been exploring Linda Franz's "INKLINGO" product recently, and was intrigued by the idea of printing cutting and sewing lines for relatively basic quilt pattern pieces directly onto the fabric

In November, Linda announced a cooperative "Quilt A Long" type of event with Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville. Entitled "Celtic Solstice", a "mystery quilt" would be introduced each week for several weeks. Traditional cutting/piecing techniques would be presented at Quiltville, with Inklingo based techniques presented weekly on Linda's site.

I downloaded the information and decided to join in the online fun...

Here's the palette I chose to use. I have a request from a nephew for a Green and Brown quilts, so this should serve well! The center fabric swatches are my choices. I used my stash of Kaufman's Kona Cotton to choose colors (who needs paint chips with 200+ colors of fabric!?). on the left is Bonnie's "Celtic" colors, on the right Linda's somewhat Irish colors.

I make no claim to having anything to do with anything Irish... I just have to use Brown and Orange!

Clue number one was introduced two weeks ago... and, I am elatedly putting together the first "clue # 1" part of the quilt. Hopefully I an catch up in the coming weeks.

Though, it's that retail season of the year when my life get's a lot more busy than usual... so, I have no idea that this "mystery" will be solved on a timely basis. The reveal will likely be anti-climatic for me!

In September, we moved from our home of almost seven years, into a fairly nearby neighborhood... only a mile away, but the sewing room is still in a bit of chaos... here's a Saturday evening of piecing - to the strains of my favorite radio show: KUTX.FM's "Twine Time"... you can webcast this... and you should! It's one of the few really great long time vintage radio shows left.... www.kutx.org.

You can see how little I care for order as I put  pieces together... I'm putting together a little "Tri Recs" block - a left and right half RECTANGLE on either side of an almost equilateral triangle... TRI-Recs! Though I am using the Inklingo technique. Sewing and cutting lines printed on to the backside of the fabrics, using my little old 4200 model HP printer! Happy so far with the results - Making up 188 blocks... the mystery continues tomorrow. I have an entire SUNDAY off, and plan to do some serious sewing! Though I've decided to take this first (and last) big project of 2013 on at an easy pace... I'm sure the piecing will go into 2014... as I've seen clues #2, and #3 just yesterday... I will not be hurrying to make up the next blocks!

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