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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A New Years Quilting Resolution

Another year... Wow!

And so, it seems appropriate to make a New Year's resolution. Of course I could come up with a dozen issues that need improvement, or acts that need accomplishment in this year, but all would really be fairly predictible and mundane.
Weight to be lost, exercise to be increased, communication to be improved... Ho HUM!

But this year, I thought it might be interesting to up the ante on my interest and involvement in quilting by putting forwards some small challenge. Something to improve my skills, but also to contribute. Quilts for all!

Last month, I attended a fun Ami Simms workshop - the emphasis was on fast, easy strip quilting. Ami had a great saying to add impetus to the completion of the work:

"The Babies are Getting Cold..."

Doesn't that say it all! Those quilts need quiltin' cause somewhere out there, there are Babies that are Getting COLD!! They need covers!
And winter it is indeed.

SO, to that end, my challenge is to contribute at least ONE quilt to the Austin Area Quilt Guild's "Baby Bundle" project EACH MONTH. This is a great program in which donated handmande quilts are given to women in a number of charitable programs aimed at new mothers who need a hand dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, or have limited resources.
How hard can it be!? One small quilt each month - Can be simple, in any design. I am going to use this to try out some new patterns and techniques... should be fun!

Here are my first two quilts - turned in this week!


A simple purple stripe quilt, produced by another unknown guild member - Layered, machine quilted and bound by me!

And a flannel quilt made by me - machine quilted "in the ditch". The design is from Evelyn Sloppy's book "Sew One and Then Your Done". A GREAT book by the way - the idea is to make a single block pattern, in a large size to result in a child or lap size quilt.

Making these is a good way to decide if you want to make an entire quilt of multiple blocks in this pattern. The pattern is called :Porcelain Star.

Both are shown as presented at Monday's Guild meeting!!
I also attended (a last minute decision to take someone else's place) a WONDERFUL workshop by Laura Wasilowski, more on that in the next blog!
Happy New Year everyone!

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